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Dog Walking
& Playdates

So much fun! The time of their lives!

Dog Walking tauranga
Dog Walking tauranga
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Pack walks

(Up to 5 dogs )

Suitable for any dog! Small, big, anxious, high energy or chilled.

This is the best way for a dog to socialize with different environments, new people and make friends.

We take our time to curate the best groups according to the dog's personalities so everyone has a good time.

All doggies will meet their besties!

Experienced people will take them for adventures to beautiful places, for a 1-2 hour journey.

We will make them feel loved and they will have lots of fun!

Dog walks tauranga
Dog walking service
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Solo walks for those doggies that need space and time to learn slowly, how to walk in a pack and make new friends.


Solo walks are combined with basic training.

We also offer solo walks for old doggies or dogs that are not used to being around other dogs.

Pack walks

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Playdates for those puppies that are part of our training program and need to learn socialization.


The playdates are between 2 or 3 puppies, in a suitable environment and supervised by the dog trainer.

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