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Dog Training


Dog Training Tauranga
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We offer one on one training classes at your home. 

Every dog is different, every family is different and every environment is different. That is why I work with you and your dog to build a strong & healthy relationship based on leadership and positive reinforcement.

A chihuahua that lives with an adult woman in the city is not the same as a staffy puppy who just arrived to a family of 4 on a farm!

That is why training classes need to be personalised, to understand every puppy's reality and work with it.

I will train YOU to train your dog and love your new bond with them!

Dog Trainer Tauranga
Puppy training Tauranga
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Puppy Training Programs: 

4 classes at your place specially tailored according

your puppy's needs.


I will help you create the best space at home, understand how your dog thinks so you can become a good leader, we will have puppy playdates and lots of socializing in a supervised environment, among lots of things you will learn together!

We also offer group puppy classes 3 times a year for puppies up to 5 months.


Send us a message asking for our next group class.

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Adult Training classes

Individual training classes to work on specific issues or general behaviour.

Depending on what we need to work on, we will create the best plan and go from there!

Dog Training Tauranga
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